Spitfire Mk XVI TB 863 arrived at the Museum in late June 2006. Whilst it was our intention for TB 863 to make its public debut in August, we feel that there isn’t enough time available for the assembly and test flying. We want to take as much time as necessary to complete the assembly process, and we can confirm that the aircraft will be flying on September 16-17.

Temora Aviation Museum engineers first started their extensive annual inspection of the Museum’s Canberra Bomber back in December 2005. An inspection of this type is executed every four years, with minor inspections performed every year in-between. Lately, visitors to the Museum have been able to view the Canberra up on jacks, with the engineers checking its hydraulic system. This includes retracting and extending the undercarriage, as it would be done in flight.

The inspection should be complete by the end of the week. It is expected that the Canberra will once again become a part of the action of Flying Weekends, with the next one falling on August 5-6.

Temora Aviation Museum is constructing an additional 7,500 sq m aircraft tarmac with additional taxiways, which will allow greater flexibility for our aircraft operations on Flying Weekends. Temora Shire Council commenced work on for the tarmac on Tuesday, and the Museum anticipates it will be completed by the August 5-6 Flying Weekend.