The October Flying Weekend resulted in two successful, action-packed days with great weather. The cloudless sky created the perfect blue backdrop for aircraft displays by the Tiger Moth, Ryan, Wirraway, Dragonfly, Hudson, Spitfire, Cessna 0-2, Canberra, Vampire and Tom Moon’s Extra.

Sundays schedule involved the inclusion of Matt Dennings CA-13 Boomerang. The Boomerang is an all-Australian designed and built aircraft of which there are only two of them still flying in the world (Matts being one!). Matt began his Boomerang restoration when he was 15 years old. In August 1975 he coerced his father Ray, to part with the princely sum of thirty dollars to acquire a dilapidated tube steel fuselage frame that constituted the remains of a Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) CA-13 Boomerang, subsequently identified as A46-122 (c/n. 945). The bones of this machine were recovered from the Oakey district in South East Queensland by an avid collector of aircraft artifacts, John Hill. From here on Matt initially set about restoring the aircraft to static condition, but then embarked into making it a fully operational aircraft. The rebuilding of the aircraft took 27 years – a feat of passion. In February 2003 Matt had the opportunity to fly his aircraft for the first time. Prior to this, it last flew in 1945. Matt continues to exhibit his aircraft for Temora Aviation Museum Flying Days and the Museum is fortunate to have his Boomerang on loan for the next few weeks, where it will be on display, so come and check it out.

Sydney Weekender

The Sydney Weekender Team filmed a segment for their show at the Museum on Friday and Saturday. Everyone at the Museum appreciated the effort that the team put into creating some great footage. We look forward to seeing it on air! The Temora Aviation Museum segment is due to screen on Sydney Weekender, Saturday 15 October 2005 at 5.30 pm on Channel Seven.

Kids Corner

The Museum trialled an area devoted entirely to children over the Flying Weekend. The area was called Kids Corner and it gave kids the opportunity to enter a colouring competition – the subject being the Spitfire. This proved very popular for children, as well as their parents (who enjoyed keeping the young ones entertained). Kids Corner will now continue over subsequent Flying Days with other activities also planned.

Changes to Flying Day Admission Prices

Flying Days admission prices will increase, starting at the November 26 & 27 2005 Flying Weekend.
Changes will be made to adults and senior prices, with children remaining the same.
Prices are as follows: adults – $15.00; adults over 65 – $10.00; children – $5.00.