This Sunday, 13th March, aircraft from the Temora Aviation Museum will participate in the 2016 Tyabb Airshow – Winged Warriors. The Tyabb Airshow is a biennial event operated by the Peninsula Aero Club in Victoria. The entire event is staged by the club members, all of whom are volunteers and the Museum has been supporting this airshow since its inception.

Winged Warriors will present yesteryear’s battle wagons. They’ll be put through their paces, to thrill and to remind us of how it used to be. Some of them are very rare, so rare that they are the only ones in existence. They’re not museum pieces, but the real deal. They’ll all be flying. Be moved by the sounds of the Rolls Royce Merlins, the enormous Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial of the Corsair and get the flutters when a Vietnam era Bell Huey helicopter beats a path to the airfield. The Australian Defence Force will be there with some of their latest technology, both on the ground and in the air and the show will include nail-biting performances from our aerobatic champs. On the ground will be a static display of antique aircraft from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s accompanied by a bevy of classic cars. For More Information about the airshow, check out their website.

Both of the Temora Aviation Museums Spitfires will be attending as well as the CA-13 Boomerang. As always the weather is playing havoc with travel plans but it is anticipated that these aircraft will be away from Temora from Saturday to Monday.

Next Aircraft Showcase Flying Day

The next day that the Museum aircraft will be flying here at Temora is Saturday March 19th. Aircraft Showcase – WWII Fighters, is your opportunity to see iconic World War II era fighters take to the sky as they demonstrate their flying capability. The Supermarine Spitfire, CA-13 Boomerang, CA-16 Wirraway and the North American Harvard will all be flying showcasing our history.

Visitors wanting the full Aircraft Showcase experience are encouraged to hang around and chat with the engineering team as part of Engineering Talk, this is your opportunity to learn more about the aircraft maintenance operations here at the Museum and the projects currently taking place in the engineering facility.

For all upcoming Aircraft Showcase flying dates visit the Museum website.

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