The Temora Aviation Museum is excited to announce that an airworthy Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Boomerang has been acquired as part of the collection.

The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) Boomerang is a single seat fighter aircraft powered by a 1,200 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830-S3C4G Twin Wasp 14 cylinder twin row radial engine.

Built in response to Australia’s urgent need for fighter aircraft in WWII, the Boomerang utilised the design principles and construction techniques of the Wirraway. From official approval by the Government to proceed with the Boomerang production to the time of the first official flight was a little over sixteen weeks, a remarkable achievement by world standards.

To this day the Boomerang remains the only fully Australian designed and built fighter aircraft to see production. A total of 249 Boomerangs were built between 1942 and 1945.

Boomerang VH-MHR was meticulously restored by previous owner Matt Denning of Queensland, who began the project as a teenager – completing it 27 years later. The restored aircraft flew for the first time on 14 February 2003 and has been a popular participant at many airshows since.

Matt Denning stated that “I couldn’t think of a better home for the Boomerang to go to. The Temora Aviation Museum is so professionally run and managed, is proudly Australian in its presentation of our aviation heritage, and is located in a region far from the corrosive effects of the coastline. I’ve had a terrific run with the operation of the Boomerang since its first post-restoration flight 3 1/2 years ago, keeping it flying for more than double the time that this aircraft was operated by the RAAF. The Boomerang can continue to honour for many generations to come the Australian men and women from the WWII era who designed, built, maintained and flew this significant product of Australian ingenuity and resourcefulness”.

Temora Aviation Museum Chief Executive Kenny Love stated “The Museum is extremely fortunate to be able to acquire the Boomerang. The aircraft is in excellent condition and it is a testament to the time and effort that Matt devoted to the project. The Boomerang will be maintained in flying condition and will continue to serve as a tribute to all Veterans who worked and fought to defend Australia during WWII. I can’t wait to see it flying in formation with our two Spitfires, Lockheed Hudson and Wirraway on our September Flying Weekend. Matt will be able to continue his association with the Boomerang and fly the aircraft during Museum displays”.