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Warbirds Downunder 2020 Now in 2021! Thank you for your patience whilst we rescheduled Warbirds Downunder 2020. We are thrilled to announce the new event dates of Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March 2021. We hope this new date suits existing ticket holders. If it [...]

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August Newsletter


  Events With increasing COVID-19 restrictions coming into place, management made the tough decision last Friday to cancel the scheduled 29 August Showcase event. We remain positive that the 17 & 18 October event will take place, however we will keep you up [...]

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Museum News July


Museum News During the Museum’s closure, we took the opportunity to start some landscaping and beautification work between the Barracks building and the Display Hangar. A big thanks to Greg Wiencke, Temora Shire Council and our Museum Facilities coordinator Col Hargrave, for working collaboratively on [...]

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Warbirds Downunder 2020 Postponed


MEDIA RELEASE- 30th JUNE 2020   WARBIRDS DOWNUNDER 2020 POSTPONED   The Temora Aviation Museum management team have been closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation and its potential effects on Warbirds Downunder 2020. After extensive consultation and review, it has become clear that the impacts [...]

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Museum Re-opening


A word from the General Manager: Museum Re-opening Thank you for your ongoing for support of the Temora Aviation Museum during this difficult time. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back on-site albeit in a modified format. We are pleased to announce [...]

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May 2020 Newsletter


  Canberra Update The Canberra major maintenance is progressing well. The update so far is: - The aircraft is off jacks and has been washed- what a job! - Almost all the air frame work has been completed. - The engines are fitted and rigged. [...]

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The staff, crew & volunteers at the Museum hope that you are doing well during these challenging times. Don't be afraid to reach out for help if you need it. As we approach ANZAC Day and reflect on the sacrifices made by our Veterans, we [...]


Meet Our All-hands-on-deck Power Woman, Nicola Curry


A converted country girl Nicola Curry has been working at the Museum for almost 5 years now, growing into all-hands-on-deck power woman helping us host aircraft showcases and Warbirds Downunder Airshows in her Events & PR role. She is a gun! [...]

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Meet Our Admin Wonder Woman, Emma Bowley


Born Victorian, Emma Bowley is a true Swiss knife type of Wonder Woman who takes care of administration and tech here, at the Museum. We are lucky to have her look after the administration of the Temora Historic Flying Club which [...]

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Temora Aviation Museum and Skylodge Update


TEMORA AVIATION MUSEUM With the ever changing regulations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we once again have news regarding the operation of the Temora Aviation Museum. We are following all recommendations by the Australian and New South Wales Governments, and have shut the Museum doors as [...]

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Temora Aviation Museum Update


A word from the CEO As you would be aware, on Friday 13th March, the Australian Federal Government announced recommendations for all Australians to avoid public gatherings of greater than 500 people, with further social distancing measures being updated regularly. What does this mean for [...]

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The Museum has been receiving calls regarding the March 21 Showcase considering the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. Unfortunately due to recommendations from the Australian Government advising against non-essential organised gatherings of 500 or more people from Monday 16th March, we regret to inform you that the March [...]

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