An awesome weekend of flying took place at Temora Aviation Museum over the 24th and 25th of October. Saturday’s weather was sunny and warm with blue skies scattered with white, puffy clouds, creating a pleasant scene to view the flying action.

Visiting aircraft that took to the skies over the weekend were Al Harding’s Auster, a Boomerang co-owned by Jim Whaley’s, Doug Hamilton’s Harvard, David and Carolyn Salter’s Harvard, Gordon Glynn’s O-1 Birddog, Steve Death’s Trojan and Matt Hall with the Mustang. These aircraft joined the Museum’s aircraft including the Tiger Moth, Boomerang, Vampire, Canberra, Meteor, Spitfires, and Dragonfly.

Visitors watched in awe as the aircraft joined for spectacular formation flights. Combinations such as two Harvards and Wirraway and early WWII aircraft like the Tiger Moth, Ryan, and Auster, and on Saturday the two Spitfires flew in formation. On Sunday the Mustang and Spitfire Mk VIII performed an exciting tail chase but the highlight of the weekend was watching a unique formation flight by the RAAF Sabre, CAC Mustang, and Temora Aviation Museum’s Meteor which involved aerobatics, lots of speed and an amazing kaleidoscope of sounds as the V-12 Merlin mixed with the Rolls Royce Derwent and Rolls Royce Avon. Red Bull Air Race pilot Matt Hall was a crowd favorite in the Mustang performing a brilliant aerial display, and taking time to sign autographs for his fans. We hope to see Matt return with the Mustang sometime again soon.

During Saturday’s show, visitors watched a different type of formation demonstration occur as the ‘Temora Tuggers’ debuted for 2009. The Tuggers consisted of three Temora Aviation Museum Engineers, who drove their aircraft tugs around the tarmac in a tightly choreographed formation routine.
Check the photo gallery, and October Flying Weekend link to see the ‘Tuggers’ at work!

The seasons Wheelies With Wings presentation was held during the lunchtime break on Saturday during which three program participants were presented with a certificate recognising completion of the course. Wheelies with Wings is a non profit organisation who’s purpose is to enable people with a physical disability the opportunity to experience freedom and achievement through flight. To understand more about Wheelies With Wings, or to make a donation which will assist others visit their website by pasting this URL into your web address bar:

The non stop flying activity will continue this weekend with Temora Aerodrome hosting the NSW Aerobatic Club State Championships. There is a wide range of aircraft scheduled to attend and it is certainly worth stopping by for a look if you are in the area.

The last Flying Weekend for the year is only four weeks away and we are already planning for what is promised to be an event you won’t want to miss. It will be held on the 28th and 29th of November 2009 so start planning your visit now!.

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For further information regarding Museum Flying Days visit the ‘Flying Day information’ page within the ‘Visitor Information’ link.