The Flying Weekend is just around the corner – Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of October. Don’t miss this event as we are planning for most of the Museum’s historic aircraft collection to fly. This Flying Weekend also includes two Boomerangs, and a Mustang (flown by Red Bull Air Race World Series finalist Matt Hall). The RAAF Sabre is also on the program and will be flown by Darren Crabb and Squadron Leader Paul Simmons. This is the best time of year for flying activity as the temperatures are mild and the bright blue skies make perfect conditions for taking excellent photos of the aircraft. It will be a great weekend!

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The Temora Aviation Museum Engineers are currently working on the Museum’s Lockheed Hudson as it undergoes its annual inspection. Our aim is to complete the inspection and have the Hudson serviceable for the next Flying Weekend, which is now only a week away on the 24th and 25th of October. Aircraft Engineers Andrew Bishop, Justin Anderson, and Phillip Bell have just completed an adjustment of the left-hand gear leg, along with servicing of the main landing oleos. The engineers are almost finished conducting the inspection of the Wright Cyclone R-1820 9 cylinder engines, with the engine’s valve clearance currently being checked and adjusted, as can be seen in the images of the Hudson with it’s engine cowling removed.

To see photos of the Hudson undergoing its annual inspection visit the 2009 Photo Gallery page.


Aircraft Engineer David Finch is continuing an engine corrosion repair on the spare Avon Mk 26 Engine. This engine will be repaired and returned to serviceable condition and kept in storage should it ever be required as a replacement for the current Avon engine in the newly restored RAAF Sabre.

David is currently conducting an inspection of replacement compressor blades for installation into the spare Avon engine, which includes a visual fluorescent penetrant inspection. When he has finalised this part of the process, he will concentrate on reassembling each compressor stage using replacement blades, where required. This will be followed by a static balance, with each stage then being reassembled and dynamically balanced to minimise any inherent vibration.

To see photos of David working on the spare Avon engine visit the 2009 Photo Gallery page.


Last week, two corporate aircraft arrived at Temora Aviation Museum loaded with journalists who were participating in a product launch organised by Samsung. The new product was a dual LCD digital camera from Samsung and the Museum’s Display Hangar was the perfect place to host the launch. Each journalist was given a camera and encouraged to test it and take photos of themselves amongst the vintage aircraft. Plenty of pilot flightsuits and WWII accessories were supplied to assist members of the group that wanted to dress up for the photos! After lunch the group were entertained by a display flight by Museum President and Founder, David Lowy in the Museum’s A37B Dragonfly.

To see some images of the journalist’s day at Temora Aviation Museum visit the 2009 Photo Gallery page.