For this weeks newsletter we asked our Engineering Supervisor to provide us with an update on repairs to the Vampire. His report is as follows:

Over the last few months the repairs to our Vampire have been progressing at a steady pace, but during the last 4 to 5 weeks that pace has increased to hectic. We started by removing the hydraulic plumbing and components from around the damaged area, so that the wood repairs could begin. Those repairs have now been completed, as too has the repainting of the repaired areas of the fuselage pod and all the repaired or replaced panels. Inspections of the whole aircraft structure and engine have been conducted and replacement of damaged components has been carried out as required.

Currently the engineering team has just completed the refitting of the hydraulic system components, and is working through all the functional tests that are required after the systems have been disturbed. On completion of the functional tests, an engine run will be carried out to ensure that all is well with the engine and its systems, and then the final assembly of all the panels will take place. Once we are sure that all systems and equipment are operating as they should, the aircraft will then be test flown and checked in flight, which should then see the Vampire return to the skies over Temora on our regular flying weekends.

Lindsay Jordan
Engineering Supervisor
Temora Aviation Museum Engineering