Temora Aviation Museum Volunteers

The Temora Aviation Museum is proud to have a wonderful team of Volunteers that help the Museum meet its mission of preserving the aircraft and honouring the men and women that form Australia’s military aviation heritage.

Volunteers are involved in many aspects of the Museum operation including providing tours, assisting in the gift shop, working on display projects, assisting on flying days and maintaining Museum facilities. Because the Museum’s aircraft are airworthy they are maintained by the Museum’s Engineering staff.

Following an interview, the successful volunteer applicants undertake a two day training course that covers the operation of the Museum and the Volunteer program. Further training sessions are also held throughout the year.

Whilst there is not a mandatory commitment required from volunteers, eight hours per month is recommended.

 You can download an Application Form to become a volunteer and send it to Temora Aviation Museum, PO Box 263, Temora NSW 2666 or email it to info@aviationmuseum.com.au

Current Volunteers

Eddie Blachut
Rosie Blachut
Emma Bowley
Guy Bowley
Keith Bradshaw
Colin Brennan
Daniel Cox
Kaylene Brown
Jim Cahill
Malcolm Chaplin
Mike Cleaver

Bob Costello
Elaine Costello
Jo Croft
Brian Croft
Allan Dykstra
Albert Del Medico
Michael Formosa
Ian Frazer
Bill Gallagher
Lloyd Galloway

John Hingerty
Jenny Irons
Graham Keene
Michael Manning
Robert Matthews
Quentin Maxwell
Barry McFarlane
Lesley Morris
Chris Myatt
Sue Myatt

Garath Otley
Kari Piilonen
Sam Richards
John Rickett
Glen Smith
Brian Thompson
Michael Wallis
Lynn Warren
Anne Widdows
Jeff Wooden